We know that just as no two people are the same, no two clients have the same requirements. Here at Tadwic we work hand in hand with our clients to create a tailored Executive Search service to attract the very best talent available in the market.

Our candidates and clients are equally unique, our consultants recognise this and using their extensive experience to understand the goals of all parties involved they deliver the best results. We specialize in transcending geographic borders delivering quality services across continents.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE we have a strong focus across the GCC and Africa whilst through our network of industry professionals, many of whom have had highly successful and diverse expatriate careers, we are able to identify talent across the globe.


In a world of ever increasing information and technology, Tadwic focus on making introductions, not just connections. People form the core strength of any organisation, understanding this we prioritise personal interaction to create a culture that supports our employees, clients and candidates equally.


PEOPLE – Not a new philosophy but one we wholeheartedly believe in. Look after your employees and they will look after your customers.

INQUISITIVE – Our team have a genuine interest in your business or career goals, without this how can they add value. Expect to be asked Why? When? Where? How? Learning about you and your business gives us the knowledge to add real value.

INTEGRITY – We are proud to have built a reputation based on an honest and ethical approach. Our team strive to further enhance this reputation daily through everything they do.

CANDOUR – Honesty and openness in all communication is at the heart of what we do.



Our retained service is designed for C suite assignments as well as positions that require skills from a select or limited talent pool. Retained assignments demonstrate a commitment by all parties, ensuring that each potential candidate recognises the importance and value you the employer has placed on this vital position. This approach enhances the perception of the role, generating interest from passive candidates that may otherwise be unavailable. By becoming a retained partner we will conduct an in depth, onsite briefing enabling us to then develop a comprehensive search plan designed to accurately match your agreed criteria, timeframe and commitment to deliver a carefully selected shortlist.

Guaranteed Contingency:

Our Guaranteed Contingency service is the ideal solution when you have a specific requirement requiring urgent support and guarantees.

By providing a commitment to deliver a pre agreed number of candidates which accurately meet your criteria within an agreed timeframe we provide you with the ability to adequately plan for your business.

You can be reassured that the majority of the fee remains on a contingency “No win, No Fee” basis.


We appreciate that when working with us for the first time, you may wish to experience our service for yourself before committing to utilizing one of our services with a fixed initial cost. We’re so confident in the quality and consistency of our service, that we offer a full contingency “No win, No Fee” term when required.

With a fourteen-day period of exclusivity, we will have time to fully research the market, approach all potential candidates and conduct a full screening before shortlisting the most suitable candidates for your consideration. This will significantly reduce the potential for duplication, which is extremely time consuming for you as an employer, as well as eliminating any negative impressions on your company’s reputation and brand in the market.

Included in Service


Guaranteed Contingency


Assignment briefing with consultant

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Full market search

tick tick tick

Candidate Pre-Screening

tick tick tick

Each candidate briefed with permission to introduce granted

tick tick tick

Commitment to deliver candidates within timeframe

tick tick

Commitment to deliver minimum number of candidates

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Candidate exclusivity*


*Commitment that Tadwic DMCC shall not present candidates to other TADWIC DMCC clients during the contracted exclusivity period.


Integrity; Noun; the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

Integrity isn’t just part of our name, it is at the core of everything we believe and do. Here at Tadwic we only offer services for industry sectors in which we have the highest level of expertise and understanding.

Our Industry Sector Managers have extensive experience recruiting within the following specialist fields.


  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Power & Utilities
  • Industrial Automation
  • Engineering
  • Chemicals

Shipping & Logistics

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Project Forwarding
  • Contract Logistics / 3PL
  • Supply Chain (Cargo Owners/Traders)
  • Container Shipping Lines
  • Shipping (Project Cargo / Dry Bulk / Tankers)
  • Removals & Relocations
  • Air Charter Brokerage
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Ports – Commercial & Operations
  • Courier / Express Logistics


How much is your time or the time of your Human Resources department worth? Is your time better utilised focusing on your own area of expertise? Is recruitment the number one priority for your HR department or do they deliver greater value to your business focusing on all the other responsibilities of HR that prioritise the wellbeing and retention of your existing talent?

Today there is more information available to us than ever before. Whilst companies can now easily advertise positions online, this predominately leads to receiving a huge number of applications from candidates that have no relevance to your brief. Our experience and expertise allow us to remove that burden. At Tadwic we screen every potential applicant while conducting market research to expand the talent pool to help you consider “passive candidates”

Tadwic is an acronym containing the key words Integrity and Candour. When working on any assignment Integrity is paramount. We become an extension of your organisation, we represent you and your company’s reputation when approaching potential candidates. This is not a responsibility we take lightly. The second, yet no less important word in our name is Candour.

Candour: Noun; The quality of being open and honest

No relationship can survive without complete openness and honesty. When working in partnership with a client it is essential that we have a clear and direct line of communication with open, honest, two-way feedback.

Once you have made the decision to work with us, we will conduct a thorough assignment brief. If we feel at any time during this process that your expectations are unrealistic, we will not hesitate tell you.
With the full brief agreed, your dedicated Tadwic team will begin to approach the market. Again, should we receive consistent feedback demonstrating that the brief is unrealistic, we will be on hand to advise and consult you regarding the alternative solutions available. This two-way communication is absolutely critical, as without open and honest communication, updates and feedback from you it is impossible for us to deliver the highest level of service we demand from ourselves.

Our commitment to you:

We will always quote you a transparent fee structure which ensures no unwanted surprises.

No candidate willbe presented without their consent.

How can any recruiter claim to represent a candidate if they have not fully briefed them on the role to determine suitability and interest. How would you feel if your CV was sent to a competitor without your knowledge? Unfortunately, whilst there are many excellent practitioners within our profession, our industry as with any other has some with dubious practices. Before any candidate that has been interviewed and shortlisted by a Tadwic consultant is presented for consideration, we will have taken confirmation in writing from the candidate that we have their permission to make such an introduction on their behalf.

Cash refund/guarantees

We deal with human beings not physical products. Whilst experience tells us the number of candidates placed by our consultants that fall out during the guarantee period is extremely low, it is something that can occasionally occur. Our refund policy is backed with cash as opposed to just a promise to refill (Refill options simply reward failure with exclusivity and offer no protection to you should a recruiter fail to find a candidate or when one is no longer required), ensuring you full peace of mind.


Here at Tadwic we value the trust placed in us by you when you permit us to represent you. Following an initial introductory call to determine your best fit for one of our active assignments, successful candidates will be invited in for a face to face meeting. Here we will gain critical insights into your approach, skills and experience, while understanding both your short and long term career ambitions.

Many assignments we undertake are done so on a confidential basis and will not be advertised. If you are keen to know if we may be able to assist you please feel free to contact us for a strictly confidential, initial discussion.

Our commitment to you:

Tadwic will never submit your CV to any organization without your consent. Throughout any recruitment process, you will be fully in control to ensure that your CV is not duplicated. No one wants their details to arrive on the desk of a hiring manager from multiple sources.


Looking for a career where you can make a difference? No two days are the same, each client assignment will have different requirements and a different company culture for you to understand. You will face tremendous highs and lows but when you bring everything together to deliver for your client and candidate, the satisfaction you will get is incomparable.

Changing job is one of the most stressful things a person can do, but when you work with candidates you will assist them achieve their career goals. This may offer the candidate a promotion, better remuneration, better work/life balance or the opportunity to relocate overseas for an entirely new adventure in their life. Regardless of the candidate’s motivation, the opportunity to make a real difference to their life is always there.

Tadwic are keen to talk to experienced recruiters with knowledge and experience in their specialist field. We want to talk to recruiters that can demonstrate the following:

  • Established reputation in your specialist field supported with references
  • Passionate about delivering a quality service to clients and candidates
  • Track record of delivering results

We aim to provide a fun and friendly work environment, coupled with a competitive package and highly lucrative incentives.
Interested? For a strictly confidential, informal initial conversation contact us.

We will also be pleased to talk to graduates or individuals keen to develop a career in recruitment. Successful Tadwic consultants demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Confident, outgoing personality
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills (English essential, second language highly beneficial)
  • Determined and Tenacious
  • Driven and Self-motivated



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