Our sponsorship with the
Maria Cristina Foundation

I had been looking at ways that Tadwic could give something back by supporting a worthy cause. As is often the case in life, the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself when I attended a conference in Dubai in August 2017. One of the speakers was Maria Conceicao, founder of the Maria Cristina Foundation, a charity that helps children from the poorest communities in Bangladesh obtain an education.

Maria’s story is genuinely inspirational. To highlight just a few of her achievements in support of her charity, she has summitted Kilimanjaro and Everest, completed seven marathons on seven continents in eleven days and at the time of writing this holds six Guinness World Records.

I cannot do her justice on this page, you can read the full story at http://mariacristinafoundation.org/maria-conceicao/

At Tadwic we help organisations identify talent and professionals further develop their careers. We deal with professionals across the globe that have been fortunate enough to receive a good education. I can only say that it feels absolutely right to therefore assist someone who without assistance will never be given career opportunities we take for granted.

We are pleased to be sponsoring Ramjan through his education and look forwarding to updating you as he progresses through the grades to graduation.

To learn more about the Maria Cristina Foundation click here.

Moving forward, we hope that as Tadwic continues to grow we can sponsor more children through the foundation with the ultimate aim being that we can place one into a career with one of our clients.


Gary Keefe

Founder / Director of Tadwic